Access to Benefits

If you are living on a low income, the Access to Benefits (A to B) program can help you get information about a variety of benefits available to you.

If you are living on a low income, the Access to Benefits (A to B) program can help you:

  • Get information about benefits like the Disability Tax Credit, Canada Child Tax Benefit, GST Credit, RentAssist, and more.
  • Apply for the benefits you qualify for
  • Open an RESP and get free money for your children’s education
  • Get the ID you need to access benefits
  • Open a bank account
  • File income tax returns*

How Does It Work?

Book an appointment with a Program Coordinator. At the appointment, you will get information, ask questions, and solve problems about benefits that apply to you. There are a limited number of appointment times available. In order to qualify, your income must be under the amounts listed below.

Please call (204) 927-9945 or email to book an appointment.

Please note that the Access to Benefits program CANNOT prepare tax returns for individuals who have self-employment income, business or rental income and expenses, capital gains or losses, employment expenses, filed for bankruptcy, own foreign property worth more than $100,000 or are deceased.

Low Income Qualification Chart

Household Size Maximum Gross Household Income
1 person $27,514
2 persons $34,254
3 persons $42,111
4 persons $51,128
5 persons $57,989
6 persons $65,401
7 or more persons $72,814

SEED Winnipeg looks at household income to help determine eligibility for our programs. We use Statistics Canada’s Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) as a guide (we use 100% of LICO). Other factors besides LICO are also considered.