Support Services

SEED Winnipeg’s cross-program team provides resources and services for the benefit of our clients and participants.

Indigenous Community Collaborations

Indigenous Community Collaborations (ICC) works towards the success of Indigenous participants. Led by an Indigenous Programs Advisory Committee from diverse backgrounds and working in a variety of contexts, ICC sees itself as a ‘service provider’ within SEED, and works to:

  • Provide program supports to Indigenous program participants
  • Facilitate partnerships with & provide outreach presentations to Indigenous community organizations
  • Develop cultural educational opportunities for SEED staff & board
  • Offer an Indigenous lens in program/project design and delivery
  • Market programs to Indigenous contacts
  • Organize Indigenous focus group consultations
  • Facilitate training sessions

Supports for Newcomers

SEED’s EAL Specialist provides language supports to immigrant and newcomer participants and helps ensure their success in its programs.

The Conference Board of Canada forecasts that Winnipeg’s international immigration rate will continue in the range of 9,000 to 10,000 people per year through to 2035 (source). With Winnipeg being the destination for 75% – 80% of immigrants to Manitoba, SEED expects the number of immigrants applying to its program areas to continue to increase.

Through the support of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, SEED’s ESL (English as a Second Language) Specialist provides supports to newcomer participants and helps ensure their success in its programs.

SEED has a philosophy of inclusiveness and strives to reduce barriers for its participants. Newcomers adjusting to life in Canada can have difficulty participating fully in SEED’s programs without additional support. ESL supports are opening doors for those who may not otherwise participate. The ESL Specialist is also a resource for staff to increase their internal capacity and work more effectively with clients who have language barriers.