Saving Circle

Saving Circle is on pause for at SEED for 2023. There are limited spots available at partner sites found in the “how do I apply” section or check back in 2024

Participants save money towards the purchase of necessities.

How does it work?

Participants receive $3 for every $1 they save. $250 saved within a period of 6 months qualifies for $750 of matching funds for a total of $1000 that is used to purchase an asset.

Participants can use their savings for the following goals:

  • Furniture
  • Computer
  • Education or Training Courses
  • Registered Education Savings Plans
  • Ability Supports

Am I eligible?

To qualify, applicants must…

  • live in Winnipeg
  • meet the program low income cut-offs (see below)
  • have a strong desire to improve their financial future
  • be willing and able to attend workshops

Applicants are not eligible if they, or someone in their household, has previously received matching funds from any Asset Building Program in Manitoba.

How do I apply?

Applications are closed at SEED Winnipeg in 2023.
For a list of partner organizations, please see here: Saving Circle Brochure

Low Income Qualification Chart

Household Size Maximum Gross Household Income
1 person $19,965
2 persons $24,856
3 persons $30,557
4 persons $37,100
5 persons $42,079
6 persons $47,457
7 or more persons $52,837

SEED Winnipeg looks at household income to help determine eligibility for our programs. We use Statistics Canada’s Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) as a guide (we use 75% of LICO). Other factors besides LICO are also considered.