Asset Building Programs

One of the reasons people on low incomes face difficulties trying to get ahead financially is that they lack assets which can be leveraged to increase one’s income. Asset Building Programs were developed to address this problem.

SEED Winnipeg’s Asset Building Programs assist low-income participants to save for productive assets or household necessities. To help participants meet their savings goals, our programs include money management training classes, matched savings credits that are added to the funds that participants save on their own, opportunities for peer support from fellow participants, and one-to-one support from SEED staff.

  • Access to Benefits

    Access to Benefits

    If you are living on a low income, the Access to Benefits (A to B) program can help you get information about a variety of benefits available to you.

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  • Bursaries and RESPs for CSI Students

    Bursaries and RESPs for CSI Students

    Did your child attend the CSI Summer Learning Enrichment program? If so, they may have earned a $400 bursary for their education after high school! SEED works with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg to manage the bursaries earned by CSI students.

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  • Saving Circle

    Saving Circle

    These matched savings programs are being offered in partnership with eight organizations in Winnipeg. Please see the list of partners in the “How Do I Apply?” section to see if you could qualify.

    Note: All sites have limited spots and different start time. Reach out directly to the organization that could be a fit for you.

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  • Individual Development Account

    Individual Development Account

    Participants receive $2 for every $1 they save. $1000 saved within a period of 6 to 12 months qualifies for $2000 of matching funds for a total of $3000 that is used to purchase an asset.

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  • Inner City Homebuyer Program

    Inner City Homebuyer Program

    The Inner City Homebuyer program helps low-income earning families to save toward a down payment for a home.

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  • Manage Your Money Workshops

    Manage Your Money Workshops

    For agencies working with low income individuals facing multiple barriers.

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  • Money Stories

    Money Stories

    Grounding Indigenous Youth in the Lessons of their Elders

    Money Stories is a customized money management training program for Indigenous youth. The program combines Indigenous Elders speaking about their experiences with money, with facilitator-led activities about money that are relevant to youth. “We (Elders) need to help the next generation out of poverty. Young people have gifts and talents that should be used. I believe that preparing them for the future, one day they’ll go out into society with the experience and confidence to know they can make it.” Elder Lucy Guiboche.

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  • Money Stories in First Language Program

    Money Stories in First Language Program

    Did you know that SEED’s popular Money Stories program is offered in Anishinaabe, Ininew or a blend of First Languages and English.

    Organizations and communities can request a one-hour virtual workshop on a range of topics in the Money Stories curriculum.

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