Resource Links

Community Economic Development

  • CEDTAP - PATDEC – The Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Program (CEDTAP) is Canada’s largest non-profit (non-governmental) granting agency in the field of Community Economic Development (CED).
  • Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM) – The CDEM has been the driving force behind economic development in Manitoba’s bilingual communities since 1996. Our mandate: encourage, stimulate and organize economic development by leveraging the added value of bilingualism in our communities’ economy.
  • Social Planning Council of Winnipeg – To provide action-oriented leadership in social planning and effecting social policy changes.
  • The Canadian CED Network / Le Réseau canadien de DÉC – The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is a national member-based, democratic organization. They are a registered charitable non-profit organization. The membership of CCEDNet is made up of Community Economic Development (CED) community-based organizations and practitioners from every region of Canada. Our members bring urban, rural and northern experience and a diverse range of community economic development expertise to the work of CCEDNet.