• Carinna D’Abramo Rosales

    Carinna D’Abramo Rosales

    Co-Director (External Relations)

    Carinna has played a lead role in developing the Business Enterprise Support and Training (BEST) program and has worked with various community partners to customize the program for specific audiences such as youth, newcomer and Indigenous entrepreneurs. She was also involved in the design and development of Recognition Counts, a micro loan program for skilled immigrants seeking qualification recognition in Canada.

    Carinna’s work at SEED has allowed her to focus on both program and enterprise development for low income individuals, groups, neighborhoods and projects with both a poverty reduction and job creation lens. Most recently, as part of the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy and the Manitoba Cooperative Association Board of Directors, Carinna focused on the development of local social enterprise endeavours in Winnipeg and examined the Manitoba context of social finance via policy study and participation with local and national practitioner groups.

    Carinna’s background includes years of family business management in the hospitality sector, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba, an Advanced Diploma in International Business, and a Certificate in Mediation Services with a focus on Organizational Leadership. She also recently graduated from the Women’s Leadership Certificate program at the Coady Institute of Development at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

    Contact: (204) 927-9931

  • Louise Simbandumwe

    Louise Simbandumwe


    Louise has two decades of experience working on community development initiatives in Winnipeg’s inner-city. She played a lead role in working with partner organizations to develop SEED’s financial empowerment programs. These programs have been replicated by other community-based organizations in Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario and BC. Louise is a founding member and co-chair of the Manitoba Financial Empowerment Network and a founding member of the national Asset Building Learning Exchange and currently serves on its Steering Committee. She has also developed and taught innovative courses on financial empowerment, community economic development, and human rights advocacy at the University of Winnipeg.

    A former refugee, Louise is passionate about human rights and social justice. Her volunteer commitments include Amnesty International, the Families at Risk Refugee Sponsorship Committee, the Public Interest Law Centre Advisory Committee, and the Immigration Partnership Winnipeg Steering Committee. Louise also served on the advisory committee for Manitoba’s provincial poverty reduction strategy as well as the federal advisory committee on poverty.

    Louise has a Bachelor in Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters in Comparative Social Research from Oxford University.

    Contact: (204) 927-9948

  • Daisydee Bautista

    Daisydee Bautista

    Executive Assistant

    Daisydee joined SEED in October 2008. She is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics. With nearly a decade of experience as a volunteer, tutor, organizer, and administrative officer in the inner-city and among the immigrant and refugee community, Daisydee brings with her a wealth of experience. She is a proud volunteer and founding member of Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK) Inc., a Filipino-Canadian youth organization based in Winnipeg’s West End.

    Contact: (204) 927-9933

  • Raena Penner

    Raena Penner

    Office Manager

    After moving to Canada in 2006, Raena became interested in local issues and how CED organizations work to address structural inequalities and systemic barriers. Raena joined SEED in 2011, coordinating administrative work in the Asset Building Programs. She went on to work with families to open RESPs and obtain IDs as well as facilitate Money Management classes. For the last few years, she has helped coordinate the AssetBuilders Partnership and do reporting, training and database work. She currently works across programs as the Office Manager. She holds a BA, having double majored in International Development Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies.

    Contact: (204) 927-9934

  • Sharon Jonatanson

    Sharon Jonatanson

    Finance Officer

    Sharon began her life with SEED as Financial Officer in July 2005. She brought with her 15 years of experience in accounting and three years experience in owning and operating her own courier business in Winnipeg. Sharon graduated with honors from Robertson Career College in Computer Office Accounting with the equivalency of a 1st year CGA. Sharon has volunteered as a coach for YBC (the Youth Bowling Council) in Selkirk and served on the Board of Directors for the Navy League of Canada, Selkirk Branch (Navy Cadets and Sea Cadets programs) as Treasurer, and as Bingo Chairperson for several years.

    Contact: (204) 927-9920 ext. 1

  • Kevin Schachter

    Kevin Schachter

    Information Manager

    At the back of the building and back of our work sits our Information Manager, Kevin. Kevin is passionate about using research and data to advance SEED’s mission. Since joining SEED in 2009, Kevin has been an Administrative Coordinator, a Program Coordinator, and, since 2018, the Information Manager. In his current position, Kevin oversees SEED’s information technology systems and works on research, evaluation, and public policy initiatives. He also chairs the Public Policy and Research Committee and serves as SEED’s Privacy Officer. As a graduate student at the University of Manitoba, Kevin is completing thesis research on benefit intermediary programs, for which he has received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

    Contact: (204) 594-0548

  • Sara Bennet

    Sara Bennet

    Administrative Coordinator

    Sara joined SEED with an immense depth of knowledge and background in administrative work. Sara has a wide variety of work experience, most recently as a Client Service Representative and then an Area and Program Administrator at the Heart and Stroke Foundation. She is very active in the Winnipeg Roller Derby League and has held a number of roles in this non-profit volunteer-run sports organization.

    Contact: (204) 927-9935

  • Millie Acuna

    Millie Acuna

    Manager, Asset Building Programs

    Millie joined SEED in February 2015 with fifteen years of experience working in the Credit Union system, including management, training and project management. Millie holds a BA and is a certified Six Sigma Greenbelt, specializing in process improvement. She is passionate about serving those who are unbanked/underbanked, strengthening relationships within the community, and supporting financial empowerment for all to build a sustainable future.

    Contact: (204) 594-1368

  • Natalie Wiebe

    Natalie Wiebe

    Manager, Asset Building Programs

    Natalie is an experienced facilitator with over 5 years working in the non-profit sector. Her background is in Criminology, specifically working with crime prevention initiatives for youth at risk. Natalie first became a community partner facilitator for SEED while working at the Elmwood Community Resource Centre before moving over to SEED as an ABP Coordinator, now as Manager of the Matched Savings Programs. She has facilitated both the basic money management training and homebuyer-specific training to SEED participants, as well as traveled around the province to provide professional development to service providers working on the front lines with clients. Natalie also sits on the boards for the Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties and the Daniel MacIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association.

    Contact: (204) 594-1637

  • Andrew Douglas

    Andrew Douglas

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Andrew returned to SEED Winnipeg in 2016 after taking time away to get his Red Seal Certification as a Construction Electrician. Andrew’s work at SEED is a culmination of his Bachelor of Education degree, work experience in a financial institution, and a passion for adult education and facilitation. Andrew first began working with SEED Winnipeg and the Asset Building Programs in 1999 and he is excited to be back home.

    Contact: (204) 927-9936

  • Barb Wilton

    Barb Wilton

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Barb has over a decade of experience working locally and internationally in a variety of areas within the non-profit sector, including community development, environment, health and healing. She has worked on development projects in Uruguay and Costa Rica. Locally, Barb has worked with the Canadian Red Cross, Green Action Centre, Klinic, and Elmwood Community Resource Centre. Barb graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a degree in International Development Studies. Towards the end of her studies at the University, she was elected as Vice President Advocate with the University of Winnipeg’s Student Union. She was an intern with CEDNET’s 2010/2011 Create Action Program.

    Contact: (204) 927-9921

  • Roberta Douglas

    Roberta Douglas

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Roberta joined the staff at SEED in 2015. As a past participant of SEED’s Saving Circle, IDA and Homebuyer programs, she is thrilled to be able to share her experience and help others to achieve their goals. Roberta has over 15 years of experience in the administrative field, and almost as many years in the hospitality industry. Her passions include continuing her education to better serve people experiencing homelessness, mental health issues, and addictions. She is a mom to three fabulous children and spends as much time as she can with them, keeping up with their extracurricular activities and volunteering with various organizations.

    Contact: (204) 927-9922

  • Pamela Krasniuk

    Pamela Krasniuk

    ABP Coordinator/Indigenous Programs Developer

    Pamela joined SEED in March 2014. She brings a wide range of experience working with, and for, a number of nonprofit organizations in the North End over the past 13 years. Pam’s educational background includes Aboriginal Child Support, Early Childhood Education, Trauma, Therapy and Addictions and Counseling. Through her ventures within the Inner City, she has developed her passion to create programming focused on empowering communities for positive change. She is a strong Métis advocate who is passionate about giving a voice to those who cannot speak.
    In her current role, she coordinates a Money Management project designed to empower First Nations youth to work collectively in the community with other youth and organizations to develop culturally sensitive financial literacy approaches under the guidance of community spiritual caregivers.

    Contact: (204) 927-9938

  • Justin Morriseau

    Justin Morriseau

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Justin joined SEED in September 2018, with a passion for helping those in need. Growing up in the North End, he witnessed firsthand some of the challenges those in the community face and is excited to be working in a capacity that can help alleviate some of those stresses. He has experience working for non-profit organizations through his time at Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre, where he worked with under-privileged youth, and Main Street Project, where he worked as an intake worker for their homeless shelter and detox programs. More recently, Justin worked as a licensed Paramedic and Instructor where he facilitated first aid, EMR, and paramedicine courses throughout Manitoba, including various First Nation communities.

    Contact: (204) 927-9942

  • Anna Levin

    Anna Levin

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Anna joined SEED October 2018, with over 10 years of experience working in Winnipeg’s non-profit community. While completing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy at the University of Manitoba, she became passionate about community development, and has enjoyed exploring the ways this intersects with all different themes throughout her career so far. Anna has worked in a variety of different areas, from youth work, to outdoor education to food security, and is excited to be bringing the learning from those experiences to her financial empowerment work. She is an experienced facilitator and loves engaging groups in meaningful discussion and learning.

    Contact: (204) 594-1639

  • Teruni Walaliyadde

    Teruni Walaliyadde

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Teruni joined SEED November 2018, with a passion for community engagement, empowerment, and development. Having lived and worked in the Downtown area, Teruni has witnessed and experienced the numerous challenges but also the strengths of “community living” where people help each other fulfilling their roles in society as caring and thoughtful people. She advocates for women’s empowerment, capacity building, and sustainable development with the Institute of International Women’s Rights-Manitoba (IIWR-MB) including attending the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.
    An immigrant from a war-torn country, Teruni witnessed and experienced their negative effects which pushed her to double major in Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Studies at the University of Winnipeg, where her focus of study was on the rights of refugees, women, and children. She was a Teaching Assistant to three professors at UWinnipeg while also being a student body leader. Teruni took part, organized, and facilitated many events and workshops engaging in a multitude of discourses with students, faculty, and staff at UWinnipeg and other organizations.

    Contact: (204) 594-1367

  • Bemnet Hailegiorgis

    Bemnet Hailegiorgis

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Bemnet’s journey began with SEED in 2008 as a participant of the IDA program. After completing the training and working full time in the area of supporting newcomers to Canada, she was excited about the idea of facilitating Money Management Training to others who would benefit. After years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, she was hired on at SEED in 2013 as a program coordinator. In her current role, she facilitates Money Management Training for all walks of Life, provide resources that help build community members knowledge on Financial Literacy and advocate for refugees who face financial barriers when coming to Canada. Bemnet has been living and working in Winnipeg’s inner city since she immigrated to Canada, she is passionate to serve the community and enjoys meeting new people.

    Contact: (204) 927-9939

  • Jocelyn Friesen

    Jocelyn Friesen

    Administrative Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Since joining SEED in 2012, Jocelyn has filled many roles, beginning as a temporary administrative coordinator for the front desk reception. After a few years, she began applying her organizational and technical skills to support the delivery of the Asset Building Programs. She has also become a mentor for Indigenous youth in the Money Stories program and a workshop facilitator in the community. Jocelyn’s work is informed by her own lived experience of raising a family on a low income. She is passionate about Indigenous issues and in her spare time, drives for Ikwe, a local safe ride group, and spends time with her four kids.

    Contact: (204) 927-9947

  • Calandra Necan

    Calandra Necan

    Administrative Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Calandra’s relationship with SEED began as a participant of the Money Stories program delivered at Children of the Earth High School in Winnipeg’s North End. In 2014, after completing the program, she was hired as a Junior Facilitator at SEED for the next three consecutive summers, and as a casual Administrative Assistant during the year. Today, Calandra’s work has expanded into an Administrative Coordinator which includes being a Money Stories Youth Mentor during the summer. She is a smiling face of encouragement and a role model for Indigenous youth at SEED.

    Contact: (204) 927-9947

  • Raoul Bittern-Stevenson

    Raoul Bittern-Stevenson

    Money Stories Mentor & Administrative Assistant

    Raoul joined at SEED as a participant in the After School Money Stories Program in 2017. He was hired as a Junior Facilitator that summer to help facilitate and deliver Money Management Training workshops to inner-city youth. This position was extended to an internship at SEED and Raoul is now working part-time in various administrative and program delivery areas. Raoul continues to assist with the development of the Money Stories Program and is passionate about providing financial empowerment programs to youth. Raoul can be found at the front desk greeting people during the day, while in the evening he is working toward completing his high school diploma.

    Contact: (204) 594-1159

  • Ocean White

    Ocean White

    Administrative & Program Assistant Trainee

    Ocean first heard of SEED Winnipeg when the Money Stories program was delivered at her high school; from there, a little seed was planted with the aspiration to one day teach Money Stories to other youth. Ocean joined SEED as a Junior Facilitator that following summer in 2012, and would return in 2013, 2014 and most recently 2018 as a Money Stories Youth Mentor. Ocean took a break from SEED to attend University and is now able to balance both school and work. Ocean is currently working part-time assisting the Money Stories program and can be found working in a variety of administration roles.

    Contact: (204) 927-9935

  • Brittany Laplante

    Brittany Laplante

    Administrative & Program Assistant Trainee

    In 2014, while attending the “EYE program” at Elmwood Community Resource Centre, Brittany completed SEED’s Money Management training. From there, she accepted the role of Junior Facilitator in the summer of 2015. For the next two years, Brittany dedicated herself to post-secondary education at the University of Manitoba to pursue a BA in Education and Arts Therapy. Brittany also holds a certificate through the Youth and Child Recreation program with Red River College and Winnipeg Boys & Girls Club. Brittany returned to SEED in the summer of 2018 as a returning Junior Facilitator and is currently working as an Administrative Program Assistant Trainee, assisting the Money Stories program.

    Contact: (204) 927-9935

  • Jennifer Bogoch

    Jennifer Bogoch

    Manager, Asset Building Programs

    Jenn Bogoch first came to SEED in 2003 as a matched savings program participant before becoming a staff member in 2005. Jenn studied Sociology and Urban Studies at the University of Winnipeg and she graduated with honours from the Community Development/Community Economic Development program at Red River College.

    Jenn has over 15 years of experience delivering a wide variety of community programs, including 10 years with SEED’s Asset Building Programs. She currently manages SEED’s Access to Benefits program and works with an amazing team of co-workers and a variety of partner organizations to bring financial empowerment to as many people as possible.

    With over eight years of practical experience running programs to support families in accessing benefits, Jenn has a deep understanding of the barriers that face many families living on a low-income.

    Contact: (204) 927-9941

  • Aileen Krush

    Aileen Krush

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Aileen joined SEED Winnipeg in 2002 and has accumulated nearly two decades’ experience in the non-profit and CED sectors. She has held various roles throughout her time at SEED, including developing and coordinating matched savings programs, working with the AssetBuilders Partnership and Train-the-Trainer program, and now as part the Access to Benefits team. Aileen loves working with diverse groups, and has a passion for social justice and eliminating barriers to financial inclusion. As a single parent and a former SEED client, Aileen brings a unique mix of personal and professional experience to her work at SEED.

    Contact: (204) 927-927-9946

  • Autumn Merrill

    Autumn Merrill

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    New to SEED in 2017, Autumn was a SEEDling looking forward to growing into a strong and passionate Program Coordinator for the Access to Benefits program. Autumn has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and joined SEED after spending time working with people impacted by the 2016 wildfires in Fort McMurray. When not at SEED, you can find her reading, yogaing, dancing (not very well) or trying to learn how to skateboard, because you’re never too old to learn something new.

    Contact: (204) 927-9945

  • Carmen Valkova

    Carmen Valkova

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Carmen has been involved in community development through government and non-profit organizations since 2008. She comes to SEED with a Child and Youth Care Diploma from Red River College and is currently studying in the University of Manitoba’s Inner-City Social Work Program. Since joining SEED in 2016, Carmen’s passion for financial empowerment models has been put to good use. She is focussed on supporting members of the community as they access sustainable financial resources, government benefits, and health care. By keeping up to date on resources, and by strengthening relationships with community members, Carmen aims to remove barriers and create opportunities for the folks she works with.

    Contact: (204) 927-9945

  • Jennifer Nembhard

    Jennifer Nembhard

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Jennifer joined SEED in 2018. Jennifer has had the opportunity to work in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. These experiences have offered her an appreciation of the wonderful diversity in Winnipeg. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys listening to music and reading, particularly works from local and Canadian artists.

    Contact: (204) 927-9945

  • Julia Anderson

    Julia Anderson

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Julia joined SEED in 2016. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and has recently obtained a certificate in tax preparation. Having worked in government, financial services, and the non-profit sectors, Julia brings a unique blend of experiences to SEED. Julia currently works with the Access to Benefits team at SEED and has a strong commitment to addressing systemic barriers in society and helping low-income families problem-solve.

    Contact: (204) 927-9945

  • Lauren MacDonald

    Lauren MacDonald

    Administrative Coordinator, Access to Benefits

    Lauren is very excited to be part of SEED Winnipeg and to be supporting its Access to Benefits and Partnership work. Lauren is a member of Fort Alexander (Sagkeeng) First Nation and grew up in Winnipeg’s Inner City, where she has raised her children while living on a low income. Lauren is a graduate of SEED’s Saving Circle program and returns to the organization with Administrative and Support Worker experience. Lauren is passionate about helping families and enjoys spending as much time as she can with her own loved ones.

    Contact: (204) 927-9945

  • Lani Zastre

    Lani Zastre

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Lani joined SEED in November of 2014 after graduating with her Bachelor of Social Work Degree and working for Employment and Income Assistance (EIA). Both Lani’s practicum experience working with the Social Planning Council and with Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) developed her interest in helping to address the gaps and barriers that exist for those living with disabilities, trying to survive on a low income, or facing discrimination. With her own lived experience, Lani first came to SEED as a participant back in 2007, and her deep desire to give back grew from that point on. Much of Lani’s work experience was gained from non-profit organizations like L’Arche Winnipeg, TSEN and Winner’s Foundation. She has volunteered for several Boards, including two child care centres and the Elmwood Community Resource Centre.

    Contact: (204) 927-9945

  • Alyssa Harman

    Alyssa Harman

    Program Coordinator, Asset Building Programs

    Alyssa joined SEED in the summer of 2017, fresh to Winnipeg after a lifetime living in northern Manitoba. With a diverse background in community support work, counseling, program development & facilitation, and youth care, she has spent almost a decade in the Non Profit sector. Alyssa is very excited to be a part of the SEED team and appreciates the learnings she receives daily through hearing participant’s stories.

  • Lisa Forbes

    Lisa Forbes

    Business Consultant/Indigenous Programs Developer, Business Development Programs

    Lisa helps people find the resources they need to make their business a success. She is an Aboriginal Winnipegger, currently living in Elmwood and is a member of Peguis First Nation. In the past, Lisa has been self-employed as a facilitator, researcher, and writer. She has a B.A. (Economics). In her spare time, Lisa volunteers for human rights and social justice initiatives.

    Contact: (204) 927-9949

  • Keisha Paul

    Keisha Paul

    Business Consultant, Business Development Services

    Keisha Paul as spent her career in consulting and business development. Upon graduating she travelled to England for three years to work for the medical aesthetic training company, KT Training. Herself and the owner reopened the consulting division, KT Solutions and through that company she was able to consult for the 2013 winner of The BBC’s The Apprentice TV Show, Dr. Leah Totton.

    Upon returning to Winnipeg, Keisha took up a business consultant position at SEED Winnipeg Inc where she currently facilitates businesses classes and consults with clients to launch their businesses. Keisha is extremely proud of the businesses that have launched during her time at SEED and a career highlight is her attendance at the 62nd United Nations Commission on the Status of Women held in New York City.

    Contact: (204) 927-9932

  • Laurel Daman

    Laurel Daman

    Newcomer Support Specialist

    Laurel joined SEED Winnipeg in February 2010, bringing with her over 30 years experience in the banking industry. After taking early retirement in 2004, Laurel obtained her Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Manitoba and completed a Diversity and Intercultural Training program offered by Manitoba Labour and Immigration. Laurel has taught EAL for both settlement and specific purposes and has conducted intercultural training workshops for Manitoba organizations.

    Contact: (204) 927-9924

  • Alanna Yuen

    Alanna Yuen

    Administrative Coordinator, Business Development Services

    Alanna became a SEEDling in October 2017 after a summer of doing freelance strategy writing for Sunshine House and event planning for North End Community Renewal Corporation. She majored in Public Relations and Communication Management in the Creative Communications program at Red River College. When Alanna isn’t busy organizing and designing things at work, she likes to create art, listen to music, and work on personal development.

    Contact: (204) 927-9944

  • Sandra Leone

    Sandra Leone

    Manager, Recognition Counts

    Sandra first joined SEED as a member of the Board of Directors in 2007. In July 2011 she took on the position of Program Coordinator in the Asset Building Program. Sandra holds a BSc. and MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Winnipeg and brings to SEED extensive experience in Community Economic Development, Cooperative development and office administration in Canada and her native Argentina.

    Contact: (204) 594-0549

  • Nef Villagonzalo

    Nef Villagonzalo

    Loan Coordinator, Recognition Counts

    Nef started working at SEED in January 2013 as the Administrative Coordinator for SEED Winnipeg’s Recognition Counts program, then expanded her duties to the entire Business Development Services department. A relatively newcomer to Canada, Nef brought with her 12 years of experience as a community worker from her home country. She also holds a degree in Business and Public Management. Nef enjoys meeting people from different walks of life, listening to their stories and volunteering at her community’s various newcomer events.

    Contact: (204) 927-9937

  • A.C. Dada

    A.C. Dada

    Marketing Coordinator, Recognition Counts

    Ade has over a decade work experience in Sales and Marketing cutting across financial services, events planning, and consulting. He has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from A.T.B.U. in Nigeria. He also has a post graduate degree in International Marketing from Hult International Business School in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated in June 2018 with honours from the Community Development/Community Economic Development program at Red River College, Winnipeg.

    His passion is helping newcomers settle into the Canadian system and he is an advocate for gender equality.

    Contact: (204) 927-9923

  • Ayodele Olugboye

    Ayodele Olugboye

    Program Coordinator, Recognition Counts

    Ayo joined the service of SEED Winnipeg in December 2018 as a program coordinator. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria and a Post – Degree Diploma in Human Resources Management from the University of Winnipeg.
    Ayo has over a decade working experience in human resources management and public relations at an Inter–University Centre back in Nigeria.
    In 2015, he prepared the employee policy of the Calm Air International LP, an aviation company in Winnipeg, and in 2017, he reviewed and updated the employee policy of Manitoba Association of Newcomers Serving Organization (MANSO).
    Ayo has a passion for meeting people and enjoys watching films and listening to music.

    Contact: (204) 927-9943