Annual Reports

  • Financial Empowerment - SEED Winnipeg’s Annual Report 2014-2015

    This year, SEED Winnipeg looks back on the past fiscal year through the lens of Financial Empowerment, a relatively new model that focuses on improving the financial security of low-income people as a way to reduce poverty.

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  • Celebrating 20 Years! SEED Winnipeg’s Annual Report 2013-2014

    SEED Winnipeg began with a vision of local economic regeneration at a rate which may seem tortoise-like: one micro-business enterprise at a time. The people we visualized as a new source of employment and economic development were the low income members of our community, each of whom, without support and encouragement, would identify a need, study and plan the most feasible way to satisfy that need, and finally risk his or her personal future on being able to continue satisfying it. This is self-help. We had faith that sufficient loan funds would be obtained when needed, by asking someone with capital to join with SEED Winnipeg in providing “venture capital with a difference”. This is mutual aid.
    Dave Leland, President, 1993

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  • Breaking Down Barriers - SEED Winnipeg’s Annual Report for 2012-2013

    Click below to read about how SEED works toward breaking down barriers and meet some of the people who face these barriers.

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  • Celebrating 2012 International Year of Cooperatives: SEED Winnipeg’s Annual Report for 2011-2012

    Read about the people we serve and programs we provide.

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  • Creating Change: SEED’s 2010-2011 Annual Report

    Another great year of celebrations and successes for our clients, participants, programs, staff, Board and community.

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  • SEED’s 2009-2010 Annual Report

    For this year’s report to the community, we wanted to focus on letting our community and colleagues see our work through the eyes of our participants.

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