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University of Winnipeg’s Money Stories Course

Taking the Money Stories course at the University of Winnipeg was an exciting experience for Sherry Gott, Skaabe of Morningstar, RB Russell Vocational High School’s student support program.

“It was an eye opener for me,” says Gott. “Looking at economics from the eyes of the Elders. It was simpler back then from how it is now.”

Offered in the summer of 2015, the university accredited course (Urban and Inner City Studies) was taken by community members and workers.

Gott has already taken the knowledge she gained from the course and used it in her work. She recently used the assets model when working with a woman.

“The assets model assisted me in looking at people in a different way,” says Gott. “It helps people. She looked at her assets, and she had a lot more going for her than she recognized.”

Gott also believes the Money Stories course helped her personally, as well as professionally, and recommends it to everyone.

“I gained awareness of my spending,” says Gott. “It would benefit the community. Whether you work or live in the community.”

It was an eye opener
for me

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