Client Stories

Learning How to Save, Budget and Plan Effectively

Diane Halpern participated in SEED Winnipeg’s Saving Circle program one year ago after learning about SEED online. Through the program, Diane learned how to save money, build a budget, prevent overspending, and plan her finances effectively.

The Saving Circle program, in partnership with the United Way of Winnipeg, was a great support. Diane notes that staff provided supports that enabled her to increase skills in budgeting, shopping, and paying bills.

Diane deposited her savings into a Registered Disability Savings Account (RDSP) to provide funding for future disability supports.

SEED is all about support,
help and advice.

Today, Diane continues to use the skills she developed. “In the future,” she says, “I’m planning to be involved in other programs. Also, I’m planning to attend computer classes and SEED can help me find the right one. SEED is all about support, help and advice.”

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