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From Participant to Staff Through the Money Stories Program

Calandra Necan’s relationship with SEED Winnipeg began as a participant of the Money Stories program delivered at Children of the Earth High School in Winnipeg’s North End. After completing the program, she was hired as a Junior Facilitator at SEED for three consecutive summers, and as a casual Administrative Assistant during the rest of the time.

Today, Calandra’s position of Administrative Assistant has expanded to a permanent, full time position which encompasses her role as Junior Facilitator during the summer months. She is one of two smiling faces that greet visitors and staff as they enter SEED’s offices.

Attaining full time, permanent employment was not easy for Calandra who faced various barriers as a low income, single foster mom. “After graduating, I had a hard time finding work. I didn’t have many skills, so I did odd jobs like house cleaning. It was difficult stretching money. When my son was 3 years old, I was very fortunate to hear that SEED Winnipeg had an employment program. That’s how SEED entered my life. Here I developed
job skills, money management skills, and learned about the opportunity for a Facilitator position for the summer.”

Before visiting SEED, I was a very shy person. Participating in Money Stories and working at SEED has given me confidence.

During facilitation training, Calandra obtained a number of skills: believe in yourself and don’t doubt yourself; take control, show initiative, be a leader and work well as a team. “I don’t worry about emergencies anymore,” she notes, “like if my son needs something. Stability is so important. After going through an employment program, now I have a job teaching important life skills to other indigenous youth.”

“Before visiting SEED, I was a very shy person. Participating in Money Stories and working at SEED has given me confidence.” Calandra’s advice is to think about your financial future and stability; speak up, don’t be afraid to change things and “grow, grow, grow.”

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