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  • Co-operatives Secretariat / Secrétariat aux coopératives – Created in 1987 from the Co-operatives Section of Agriculture Canada to improve the relationship between Canadian co-operatives and the numerous federal departments and agencies known to have legislation or policies affecting co-operatives.
  • Manitoba Cooperative Association – The Manitoba Cooperative Association (MCA) Inc. is a provincial association of cooperative organizations, created by its members to enhance and support the development of a united, growing and influential cooperative movement in Manitoba.
  • The Cooperative Promotion Board – The Cooperative Promotion Board promotes the co-op movement in Manitoba by drawing on two funds to provide small grants for a variety of activities. The General Account Fund supports the promotion and development of co-op organizations and the promotion of the general welfare of co-op organizations. The Commercial Fishing Account Fund is available exclusively to promote and develop commercial fishing co-ops in the Provinces.