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Success Breeds Success for this New Homeowner

Chinthaka Wijewardena began his relationship with SEED Winnipeg in 2011 when he was accepted into a Saving Circle program offered at MacDonald Youth Services, in partnership with SEED. He recalls seeing a post on their bulletin board asking “Would you like to improve your financial situation? Is there something you or your family need, but it seems like you’ll never be able to save enough money?”

Successful completion of the program’s ten workshops provided answers to many of the questions whirling in his head, like how to manage his finances. Through the matched savings component of the program, Chinthaka successfully purchased a “smart and wonderful laptop”.

Through this program, Chinthaka learned about SEED’s Inner City Home Buyer program. He was accepted into this program after graduating from the Saving Circle Program. Eight workshops and one year later, he purchased his first home. “Above all,” says Chinthaka, “this program has helped me hit one of my biggest dreams, and that is purchasing a home. I don’t know how you feel about owning a home, but to me, it is one of the most fascinating and greatest achievements that surpasses all.”

Chinthaka cites many benefits he has experienced since becoming a homeowner. It has given him the opportunity and the spirit to learn basic skills to address problems himself instead of going elsewhere for help. Even if the solution is expensive, it is outweighed by the joy and happiness that comes with owning a home. He now has space to plant a garden in his backyard to produce fresh fruits and vegetables to lower his grocery bills. His feeling of physical security has improved, and there is a sense of belonging to his
neighbourhood which can increase civic engagement.

Chinthaka believes “Success breeds success” and feelings of accomplishment improve your morale and desire to work harder than expected. Owning a home has given him an appetite to work harder towards accomplishing more goals than he first anticipated.

this program has helped me hit one of my biggest dreams, and that is purchasing a home.

“Thank you very much for helping me achieve my dream of purchasing my first home in September 2015. I also want to give special thanks to Natalie and Jacob for the well done job in running the classes.” Chinthaka feels both played a big part in preparing him to pursue his dream of home ownership, and to fully meet the challenges life offers.

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