Client Stories

Steps to Success

Kuot Mayen was working at BUILD when he participated in SEED’s Money Management Training (MMT) program. He also got his taxes done and applied for the Disability Tax Credit through SEED’s Access to Benefits (A to B) program.

Next, Mayen was accepted into the Savings Circle program because he loved the idea of saving for something he would otherwise have difficulty achieving on his own.

It’s an incredible thing that you (SEED) are doing

“It was good,” says Mayen. “I never had a company (SEED) offer me matched savings. I haven’t had money for furniture, dental work, or saving for a company.”

One of Mayen’s Savings Circle goals is to save money to start his own business, a clothing company focused on urban and African culture. He also plans to apply for SEED’s Business & Enterprise Support & Training (BEST) program in the future.

Mayen recommends SEED’s services and programs to many people.

“I would say those who are hoping to begin a brand new life – for immigrants, for inner city youth, for low-income,” says Mayen. “It’s an incredible thing that you (SEED) are doing.”

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