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Learning How to Save

Ruta Tesfalidet credits the Saving Circle program and Rebecca, Post Natal House Coordinator at Villa Rosa, with learning how to save money and be more responsible when making purchases. “Without SEED, I wouldn’t know how to save, and I wouldn’t have half the stuff [I bought],” explains Ruta.

Villa Rosa is a member organization of the AssetBuilders Partnership, a group of partner sites that offer money management and savings programs developed and supported by SEED Winnipeg. When Ruta first learned of the Saving Circle program while attending a class at Villa Rosa, she didn’t think it would be possible for someone on a low income to save money. Thankfully that didn’t stop her from applying to the program. “I didn’t know this kind of program existed, and I feel lucky to be accepted into a program that has limited space,” she says. “I loved it!”

The classes took Ruta through a process of self-discovery, including determining her triggers when it comes to purchasing, and learning about credit cards and how to handle debt. “I also learned from the other participants who had debt.” Ruta feels her perspective changed as she gained the confidence to succeed and realized how important it was for her to save. “Before, I would have spent the money I had today,” she admits, “and not think about tomorrow.” In fact, Ruta saved more than she needed and was able to purchase a full dining room set in addition to her original goal of buying living room furniture.

Ruta notes that she continues to save for future goals, and that the skills she learned have become habit. She laughs while explaining how she hears Rebecca’s voice asking her if an impulse buy is something she needs, versus something she wants. “Rebecca was very awesome, supportive and motivating.” At the end of the program, Ruta felt proud and blessed. “I did it” she says smiling.

No more living day to day.
Now I have goals.

Ruta has recently moved into a place of her own, and she is set to return to school at Taking Charge in preparation toward a career in health care. “No more living day to day,” she states, “now I have goals”.

Her advice to others facing similar issues and needing support? “Join Saving Circle; get to know yourself. It’s possible to save and plan for the future.”

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