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  • 8 Summer Term Positions - Junior Facilitator, Money Stories Program, deadline June 8

    Posted May 8th 2018

    SEED is looking for 8 enthusiastic youth (16-25) for Junior Facilitator (JF) training positions in the Money Stories Program. JFs work in collaboration with Money Stories program staff to facilitate money management training from a cultural perspective under the guidance of Elders, seniors and community storytellers. JFs participate in leadership and facilitation training activities, deliver training sessions to other community youth, revise and develop learning activities as needed, and support the Money Stories Project Facilitators.

    See link below for more details!

  • Organization Job Posting - submission deadline May 18

    Posted April 27th 2018

    Our programs are growing again! As a community economic development organization, SEED is a diverse workplace looking for people to help further develop innovative and responsive programming. We value candidates having experiences with living on a low level of income and working within inner-city communities.

    Submission deadline for applications is 4:30pm, Friday, May 18, 2018.

    Full job posting

    Job Descriptions:
    Program Coordinator
    Marketing Outreach Coordinator
    Organization Administrative Coordinator

  • 9 info sessions added for REDI Employment Programs

    Posted April 13th 2018

    Did you come to Canada as a refugee or refugee claimant?
    Do you need help to find a job?
    Do you want to improve your language skills?

  • The Inclusive Economy: Stories of CED in Manitoba

    Posted April 5th 2018

    From the Great Northern Plan to the Neechi Principles, community economic development has been a strategy used in Manitoba over the past 4 decades to “build an economy that generates a society that’s for people.” Check out this video for stories of CED in Winnipeg, including Diversity Food Services!

  • Access to Identification for Low Income Manitobans - research completed October 2017

    Posted March 28th 2018

    Government-issued identification (ID) is essential to gain access to a wide range of government entitlements, commercial services and financial systems. Lack of ID on the other hand, represents a critical barrier that prevents low-income Manitobans from accessing these services and benefits, and ultimately results in further marginalization and deepening poverty. While the demand to authenticate our identities has increased, supports to help those who face barriers in accessing ID have not kept pace.

    Through consultation with both community organizations working directly and indirectly on this issue, as well as government agencies responsible for ID provision, this report identifies four opportunities for improvement to reduce the barriers to ID for low-income Manitobans.