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  • Youth Leadership & Employment - SEED Winnipeg’s Annual Report 2017-2018

    Posted September 24th 2018

    SEED’s latest Annual Report is now available online!

  • Growth and Social Enterprise Podcast

    Posted September 10th 2018

    Carinna Rosales, Co-Executive Director of SEED Winnipeg is part of this podcast, alongside CCEDNET, ACU and Peg City Car Coop.

  • Strategy Made Simple - podcast July 31, 2018

    Posted August 1st 2018

    Listen to Matthew Rempel’s interview with Carinna Rosales, SEED’s Co-Executive Director. Carinna talks about SEED Winnipeg and its programs, as well as her thoughts on the nonprofit sector.

  • SEED’s research report on RESP Group Plans referenced in article July 31, 2018

    Posted August 1st 2018

    RESPs are great investments and worth the research. Here’s an article regarding an RESP dealer which references SEED’s recently released research report on RESP group plans .

    SEED helps individuals open RESPs in partnership with ACU, which is not a dealer like the one in this article.

    Got questions about RESPs? Call SEED!

    link here

  • Gizhe WaaTiSiiWin Service Delivery Expo May 26!

    Posted May 23rd 2018

    SEED is joining other service providers to deliver essential and dignity-enhancing services to people who are experiencing homelessness, and those at risk of being homeless. In addition to health and wellness services, this event will also offer financial empowerment services including the following:
    • Birth certificates – apply for Manitoba birth certificates for free
    • Need photo ID? – get information about the MB photo ID and how to get it for free
    • Social Insurance Numbers- get a Social Insurance Number for yourself or your child (must have birth certificate, if born in Canada, or PR or Citizenship card if born outside of Canada)
    • Tax filing – get your taxes filed for free (bring a piece of ID and your tax slips, if you have them. CRA will be onsite and can issue tax slips, but you’ll need to be able to pass security questions)
    • Learn about, and get help to apply for, benefits like GST, Canada Child Benefit, Rent Assist, 55 plus, and more
    • Open a bank account (ID required)
    • Attend a Pre-intake Orientation with Employment and Income Assistance(EIA); this is the first step to apply for EIA benefits

    End Homelessness Winnipeg initiated this volunteer-driven event in partnership with the Manitoba Financial Empowerment Network and agencies in the homelessness service sector.