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  • Access to Identification for Low Income Manitobans - research completed October 2017

    Posted March 28th 2018

    Government-issued identification (ID) is essential to gain access to a wide range of government entitlements, commercial services and financial systems. Lack of ID on the other hand, represents a critical barrier that prevents low-income Manitobans from accessing these services and benefits, and ultimately results in further marginalization and deepening poverty. While the demand to authenticate our identities has increased, supports to help those who face barriers in accessing ID have not kept pace.

    Through consultation with both community organizations working directly and indirectly on this issue, as well as government agencies responsible for ID provision, this report identifies four opportunities for improvement to reduce the barriers to ID for low-income Manitobans.

  • Libraries offering free income tax preparation through CVITP…

    Posted March 19th 2018

    Need a hand to prepare your tax return?

  • Register before April 13 for the Inner City Homebuyer Program!

    Posted March 19th 2018

    Making home ownership a reality for families living on a low income.

  • List* of FREE income tax clinics in Winnipeg March 2018

    Posted March 16th 2018

    Even if you make no money, you should file a tax return each year. If you do not file your taxes, you cannot access many government benefits, such as: GST credit, Working Income Tax Benefit, Provincial Income Tax Credits, and Child Tax Benefits.

    Remember to bring your ID and tax information slips!

    *subject to change without notice

  • Info sessions April 3 & 10 - Immigrant and Newcomer Women Exploring Small Business

    Posted February 26th 2018

    FREE training for Immigrant and Newcomer Women Exploring Small Business! Call 204-927-9944 or go to sessions to register for an information session.