Client Stories

Acquiring Credentials in Canada

Ahmed Waheed came to Canada from Pakistan in 2009. He decided to make Canada his new home, despite the many obstacles he faced in gaining accreditation in his former career.

Waheed was a doctor in his homeland, and he quickly realized that returning to the health care industry in Canada would be a lengthy, costly experience.

“I didn’t have options – the exam fee was $2400. There were four exams,” says Waheed.

Waheed felt like he was running out of options. He was taking any jobs that were available, but often could find only contract jobs that did not meet the requirements of his student visa.

I didn’t have options – the exam fee was $2400. There were four exams

Then a friend told Waheed about SEED’s Recognition Counts loan program. The $10,000 character-based loan assists skilled immigrants acquire their accreditation in Canada/Manitoba and return to their field of work. Waheed contacted the Recognition Counts program coordinator to find out how to apply.

“I called Dennis and went to Employment Manitoba.” Says Waheed. “It helped me. I’m now a clinical assistant.”

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